Some travelers fall in love with this city and call it their own the minute they unpack, but that’s pretty rare. It takes time to appreciate Montreal, because on the surface it’s an ugly, dysfunctional place: the infrastructures are crumbling, the streets are dirty, and the administration is corrupt. Sometimes Montreal feels like one great big alleyway.

There’s beauty in the people though, and the activities we suggest are really just excuses to get out there and rub elbows with them. Whether you’re a local, an expat, or just visiting, stop acting like a tourist. Life is too short to stick with the group.


Editor-and-chief, Mostly Montreal

P.S.: I leave you with this powerful song. Fittingly, it’s interpreted by a Montrealer who has traveled where no man has gone before.

 (…) Like a dog lyin’ in a corner
They will bite and never warn you, look out
They’ll tear your insides out
‘Cause everybody hates a tourist

Especially one who thinks
It’s all such a laugh
Yeah, and the chip stain’s grease
Will come out in the bath (…)