Orange Juleps and Hot Rods

Source: Flickr, PhilR2

In 1932 a man named Hermas Gibeau built a massive orange out of cement to sell fast-food and a drink he created called the Orange Julep. The recipe remains a secret to this day, but an Orange Julep can be described as a frothy orange juice that kinda tastes like melted Creamsicle.

This roadside landmark on Décarie Boulevard looks and feels like it’s stuck in the 1950s. Back then waitresses in short skirts and roller-skates brought the customers their orders directly to their cars – they don’t do that anymore, but you are still expected to eat and drink in your car or on the nearby picnic tables, and on Wednesday nights tuning and vintage car enthusiasts gather in the parking lot to show off their four-wheeled babies.

If you don’t have a car you can always get to the Big OJ by metro – Namur Station is within walking distance.
Open 8am – 12am
7700 Blvd. Décarie