Our February 2019 Horoscope Predictions


With the new moon in Aquarius, horoscope predictions for February suggest an outpouring of affection and romance. Love is in the air, fellow Montrealers!


For Aries, the month of love is all about starting afresh. Do a little soul-searching and try to figure out what’s been holding you back since the beginning of the year.

Finances for this month are going to run smoothly — a little pampering for yourself and those around you can go a long way. Lucky colors for this month are light blue and mustard.


People who come under the zodiac sign of Taurus are bound to experience fulfilling moments of love and proximity during the month of February. Remember: surprising your partner is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship.

Professional opportunities will arise as well… especially if you agree to do a little bit of overtime.


Beware, Gemini: troubles are heading your way this month. Feeling overwhelmed? Focusing on your health and well-being will be the secret to triumphing over your adversaries.

And stop being so cavalier with your finances! Keeping a tab on your expenses will be incredibly important this money. Lucky colors: yellow and sky blue.


Cancerians can expect an incredibly fulfilling and meaningful February, experiencing a range of positive emotions throughout the month.
Financial stability and interesting career prospects are definitely to be expected. Health, however, could become a cause for concern…

Beware of improperly cooked meat!


Focusing on the positives in your life will be incredibly important this month, especially when it comes to personal relationships. No excuses! Spending quality time with your partner will be mandatory.

Work will be fine, but be weary of gossipy colleagues. If you were a tarot, you’d be the Temperance card, because patience and self-control are your most valuable virtues this month. Your lucky colors: purple and orange.


With Mercury coming into play for Virgos, the month of February promises love and positivity in all aspects of your life. However, an abundance of stressful situations will arise. These will need to be dealt with appropriately – start by getting a good night’s sleep!


Sorting things out between you and your partner should be your top priority this month. Not being able to communicate properly could have disastrous consequences, which is why caution must be asserted when dealing with this.


The best course of action this month is to just ‘go with the flow’. Don’t try to force things over, and remain skeptical when confronted by self-proclaimed gurus. The month is also the best time for you to start that course or seminar you’ve been wanting to do. Lucky colors: brown and green.


Trouble is right around the corner, but you’ll take it in stride. Remember to breathe from your diaphragm, and drink plenty of liquids. If you plan on traveling to foreign destinations, make sure you pack light and keep an open mind.


Capricorns can hope to see an end to their most pressing financial concerns this month. This will have a positive impact on your personal relationships.

If someone at work makes an offer that sounds too good to be true, trust your instinct. Good things come to those that wait.


Even though February might not meet your expectations for a romantic time of the year, it’s important to stay positive. Look at the bright side of things: explore new ideas and broaden your perspective by meeting plenty of new people.

The collective consciousness is a real thing. Get out there and find out why it’s important!


Good news, Pisces: February is a great month for new, blossoming relationships. These will prove to be incredibly fruitful, especially around Valentine’s Day. Romance is up and alive for those that are working towards it this month.