TRH is a bar with a skate bowl

I remember this place on Saint-Laurent Boulevard below Pine from when it was called the Sapphire – back then b-boys would gather on the first floor every Thursday and uprock-battle with the barstools, while goths went to the second floor to drink in chicken-wire cages.

In 2013 it was taken over by skateboarders and renamed TRH (pronounced TRASH). I was there a couple nights ago and couldn’t find any reason to be nostalgic – the place is was way better than I could remember for six reasons:

1) They’ve set up an actual skate bowl and ramps where the dancefloors used to be.
2) They sell cheap Pabst tallboys and Jaggermeister on tap.
3) They’ve got a cancer tent out back where you can chill and smoke.
4) They do shows with local bands almost every weekend.
5) They’ve got garlands of bras that barely-legal skater girls left behind hanging from the ceiling, and
6) Adam Green, one of the city’s most respected and sponsored skaters, happened to be at the bar and he gave me some great pointers on the best places to skate in Montreal this year.

I couldn’t ask for a better evening. You gotta love the skateboarding community and their DIY, entrepreneurial spirit. All the best to TRH’s owners Joe and Fred.

Read our Senior Correspondent Roxane Hudon’s account of her visit to the TRH Bar: “We crawl up to the TRH Bar and see a giant skate ramp in a cage, surrounded by youngsters in baseball caps, jersey-wearing skater babes drowning in Jagermeister. It feels like a discotheque for Blink 182 fans, if it were still the 90s and that reference was relevant. Every skater dude is blurring into one, as I stumble about trying to figure out where this bar ends. It feels huge, rammed with clones of my 14-year old self’s fantasy boy.” Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Nine Dive Bars: Café Cléopâtre or Bust

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10pm till 3am

3699, St-Laurent Blvd.