9 First Date Ideas in Montreal for You and Your Tinder Sweetheart

With almost everything going online, the dating world has followed suit. Many love birds now foster their connections through dating sites, referrals, or social media sites.

After an online connection, how to go about your first date matters a lot. Of course, there will be a mix of fear, anxiety, and tension since you are not sure what to expect. But if your goal is to impress, then you’ll have to be creative.

Here are some creative ideas for your first date that will make the day worth remembering.

1. Take a Long Drive up Mont-Royal

This will help you relax, break the tension and offer you many topics of discussion as you come across various real-time happenings while you cruise around. It will also allow you pick the areas of interest with your partner and strike a conversation.

2. Attend a Sporting Event

Though sporting tastes vary, it is easy to flow with any exciting sports. As you cheer and enjoy the intrigues, the feel-good effect is realized. The busy environment offers confidence and relaxes the mind allowing deep engagements with your new partner.

3. Try out Art Classes

Art is reflective. It will likely provoke memories, whether bad or good, leading people to open up about personal life journeys and experiences. The beauty of art is that you pick on the first date, but it may end up being part of what you enjoy doing together forever. Our suggestion: drop-in figure drawing at Syn Studio.

4. Cook a Meal Together

Cooking is interesting and enjoyable. It helps you understand what your partner looks into for a special meal. You will know what to prepare or get for them for their special occasions and events. You can as well pick cooking lessons to experience new recipes together.

5. Go to a Comedy Show

Check out the Quartier des spectacles website for upcoming comedy events. Laughing brings out the best of you and livens the mood. Most people will feel relieved and comfortable in an environment where happiness is the signature. You likely bond easily and freely as you enjoy the time together.

6. Take a Walk

Walking breaks boredom and monotony. It enhances your body’s activities and reduces pressure. As you walk, you create quality time and the perfect environment to mingle without feeling any distress freely.

7. Check into a Spa

When you look good, you feel good. A visit to the spa helps both of you enhance your appearance and build confidence. While at it, you generally engage in creating attachment and understanding. The surrounding is convenient and suitable for free talk. Bota-Bota in the Old Port is a sure bet.

8. Have a Picnic

Let you have your partner out on a picnic. Try as much to figure out what they find enjoyable to them. During this time, out-build the bond by allowing them to do what they enjoy most and have an interesting conversation on what you are involved in.

9. Learn a New Skill

Is there a skill that your partner knows that you’ll like to learn or vice versa? You can teach each other new skills and get to understand each other better. You can even learn a skill that’s new to both of you such as painting. Have several trials and laugh together as you view each other’s first trials.

So, are you ready for your first date with your mystery lover? These activities will make your work easier and ensure you have a fun time together. Just make sure you don’t go overboard trying to impress that you end up spoiling the day.